"Two Seeds"
                    by David Beede
                                gourd banjo, vocal
                                refrain by twenty first graders!

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I had the pleasure of evolving this song with Julie Johnson's first grade class at P.K. Yonge in Gainesville Florida, and they not only sing on this version they also illustrated it with amazing vibrant drawings.

It's a metaphor wrapped in a riddle...       Two Seeds    MP3 3 MB



Two Seeds....

Once upon a time you know
Two seeds fell on the ground.
One it grew up straight and tall
the other small and round.                Round, round, round round…etc.

Small said to the tall
"You almost touch the sky.
  Why am I so round and small
And on the ground I lie?"                  Why, why?…

Tall said to the small
“Small is not so bad...
Tall is just the way trees grow
So please don't feel so sad.”              Sad, sad sad…

Small was a type of squash
that dried into a gourd.
Someone chopped down our tree
and turned her into boards.                 Chop, chop, chop…

Then I took one of those boards,
sawed and carved and sanded.
Introduced it to that gourd
and smiled at what my hands did.         Smiled, smiled…

A piece of skin some strings and pegs
We soon were making noise!
I tuned it up and wrote this song
to sing with girls and boys.                 Noise, noise…

Trees they grow up straight and tall
Gourds grow small and round
Sometimes when they give their all
They make a joyous sound.            Sound, sound sound...

Some of us grow straight & tall
Others small and round
Sometimes when we give our all
We make a joyous sound...

Copyright David Beede 2007

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